Our Story

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We are siblings who grew up reading books and loving the Arabic language.
We had noticed the scarcity of reliable and diverse online sources of Arabic and Islamic books and literature in North America, particularly Canada. As well, we have seen a shortage in quality and affordable Islamic children's books.
And let's not forget the high shipping costs that come with buying books from overseas, which can be disappointing and discouraging.
Therefore Muzn, the idea of an online bookstore that aims to fill the gap and provide affordable, enjoyable and high quality books for children and adults. We at Muzn believe that reading is a source of building and developing a person’s mind. And we look forward to building a community of readers and thinkers and make Muzn the number one Arabic bookstore in North America.
We provide Arabic books from the best publishers in the Middle East, and we work with many publishers around the globe to bring unique collections of children's books, both in Arabic and English.
If you are an Arabic speaker, or learner looking for your next read, or a Muslim parent looking for Islamic children’s books, you have come to the right place!